Registration is mandatory 

Every pilot wishing to operate a model aircraft in the EU must register to obtain an operators ID. If you are an EU resident (i.e. if you live in an EU country), you need to register in the country where you are a resident. This registration is valid throughout the EU, i.e. you only need to register once.

The EU legislation allows pilots that fly “in the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations” to fly under national rules (except for the registration obligation) under an Article 16 authorisation from the competent authority.

Article 16 authorisation

It has been agreed with the Swedish Transport Agency that the two Swedish model-flying organisations Sveriges Modellflygförbund (SMFF) and Svenska RC-flygförbundet (RCFF) will continue to  receive authorisations under Article 16(2)(b) of EU Regulation 2019/947 that will allow their (associated) members to operate model aircraft from approved model flying fields subject to flying and safety rules that has been approved by the Transport agency. This will, with a few exceptions, allow model aircraft pilots to continue to operate as they do today.

To simplify for visting model flyers to fly during visits in Sweden both organisations (SMFF and RCFF) offer a free guest membership which is effective during the stay in Sweden. This allows the guest to fly “in the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations” from our approved airfields and includes coverage by our liability insurance during the stay. It´s mandatory to contact the local club before you go flying so you are updated on local regulations. See section below for fields and contacts.

Approved model airfields

A database of approved model airfields is maintained by RCFF and the fields are available on Google Maps

Model-flying clubs, and individual members may apply for approval of model airfields through this database on the web. This procedure has been agreed upon with RCFF, SMFF and the Swedish Transport Agency.

Flying outside of the Article 16 authorisation

Pilots that do not fly within this framework must comply with the so-called “open category” rules, which are set out in the EU legislation.

The operation of UAS is forbidden within restricted areas and within 5 km of airport runways where some form of Air Navigation Service is provided. Operation is also forbidden within Air Traffic Zones (ATZ) and within 1 km of heliports. Flight is also forbidden within certain nature reserves and national parks.
Within Control Zones (CTR) and Traffic Information Zones (TIZ) of civil airports UAS may be operated at altitudes up to 50 m AGL, if the distance to the nearest runway is more than 5 km, the AUW of the UAS is less than 7 kg and the flying speed is less than 90 km/h. For Control Zones with military airfields the corresponding maximum altitude is 10 m.

No fly areas / restricted areas

Areas where flying is forbidden or subject to limitations are published on a web chart maintained by Air Navigation Services of Sweden (LFV), which is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Link:

If your are NOT an EU resident (i.e. if you live in a country that is not a Member State of the EU, or European Economic Area), you need to register in the first country where you intend to go flying. Costs and validity of registration depend on the member state where you register.